Hawk Nelson: Diamonds

Hawk Nelson: Diamonds
Title: Diamonds
Label: Fair Trade Services

2015 album by the Grammy-nominated Christian band. Hawk Nelson continues to evolve and sculpt their music with Diamonds. Building on the success of their last album Made, they move further into their musical journey to cultivate a mature pop-rock landscape. This project is full of kinetic, driving songs and earnest anthems that hold significant spiritual weight, exploring themes from the depth of God's love for us to infinite forgiveness.

1.1 Songs Diamonds
1.2 Drops in the Ocean
1.3 Live Like You're Loved
1.4 Just Getting Started
1.5 Thank God for Something
1.6 Sold Out
1.7 Made To LIve
1.8 Count on You
1.9 Only You
1.10 Never Grow Up

Hawk Nelson: Diamonds

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