Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards: Go with the Flow

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Artist: Heather Edwards

Artist: Heather Edwards
Title: Go with the Flow

What Heather's fans say: "Heartfelt. Blues-driven. Reflective." Rebecca R. "Wow. Absolutely amazing. [She has] an extraordinary voice. Very, very impressive and beautiful....I could listen to [her] voice all day long." Dino P. "While I appreciate her clever lyrics, I really like her sometimes spiky/sometimes sweet instrumentals like Lavender Blues." Bill S. "Soulfully desolate poetry" Lally R. "Heartfelt, involving and fun" Michael J. "In person, she reminds me of the early Stevie Nicks - looks like gossamer but made of steel." Lee J.

1.1 Go with the Flow
1.2 Escape
1.3 Apollo
1.4 Flash of Red (Here Comes Mother)
1.5 You
1.6 Won My Boyfriend on Ebay
1.7 Lavender Blues
1.8 Transalgia
1.9 I've Decided
1.10 Song About Nothing

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