Heather McCready

Heather McCready: Neverland

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Artist: Heather McCready
Title: Neverland

"Neverland" is a creative and engrossing musical adventure for the senses. Using primarily acoustic guitars, piano, cello, and upright bass, and her angelic and distinctively pure voice, Heather McCready will take you to a tranquil yet artistically stimulating place you will never want to leave. Catch a glimpse of her imagination, heart and soul as she takes you with her on a beautiful and captivating trip to Neverland, the place she calls home.

1.1 Sweet Days Are Ahead
1.2 Neverland
1.3 Pray It By
1.4 Stay Awhile
1.5 There Is Only Love
1.6 Look on in
1.7 Kaleidoscope
1.8 Harmony
1.9 And Then
1.10 Spirit of Truth
1.11 Sweet Jesus
1.12 Shine

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