Heavatar: All My Kingdoms

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Heavatar

Title: All My Kingdoms
Label: Napalm

Heavatar is the new project from Van Canto Mastermind Stefan Schmidt, who exchanges the "A Cappella" sounds with loud guitars on All my Kingdoms: The debut offers modern Power Metal. Each song borrows some more, some less a motif from classical composers ranging from Bach to Mozart, Beethoven and Carl Orffs "Carmina Burana." on All my Kingdoms, Stefan takes care of rhythm guitar and vocals, and is supported by drummer Jörg Michael amongst other musicians. The epic songs are filled with mighty choirs, which are performed by members of the Blind Guardian choir-team.

1.1 This Will Not End
1.2 Abracadabra
1.3 All My Kingdoms
1.4 Elysium at Dawn
1.5 Long Way Home
1.6 Born to Fly
1.7 Luna! Luna!
1.8 The Look Above
1.9 To the Metal

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