Heavy Trash

Heavy Trash: Midnight Soul Serenade

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Artist: Heavy Trash

Artist: Heavy Trash
Title: Midnight Soul Serenade
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jon Spencer's Heavy Trash release their third studio album 'Midnight Soul Serenade' on Bronzerat Records (Seasick Steve, Joe Gideon & the Sharks). The follow up to 2007's Going Way Out with Heavy Trash, Midnight Soul Serenade is already being hailed as Jon Spencer's finest work since the Blues Explosion classic Orange. On this their third full-length record, American rock'n'roll revolutionaries Heavy Trash continue their journey, delivering a stunning portrait of love and devotion gone good, gone wrong, and just gone, gone, gone. On stage and in the studio, Jon Spencer, has destroyed and rebuilt American roots music with such ferocity and wild abandon it is hard to believe that there is anything left. He is Daddy Boss Hog! He is the Blues Exploder and Microphone Destroyer! a Gibson Brother! The man who shared a Chicken Dog with Rufus Thomas, got Soul with R.L. Burnside, and enjoyed a greasy Lap Dance with Andre Williams! On every track Matt Verta-Ray's guitars pulsate, ooze, and percolate, while Spencer croons and twangs, shakes and shudders, with raw power and passion. Don't be mistaken - Heavy Trash is the now and the future of Jon Spencer, this is his new Blues Explosion!

1.1 Gee, I Really Love You
1.2 Good Man
1.3 Bumble Bee
1.4 The Pill
1.5 Pimento
1.6 (Sometimes You Got to Be) Gentle
1.7 Isolation
1.8 Bedevilment
1.9 Sweet Little Bird
1.10 That's What Your Love Gets
1.11 In My Heart

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