Hedenstrom Evens Helsley & Young

Hedenstrom Evens Helsley & Young: The Living Room Sessions

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Artist: Hedenstrom Evens Helsley & Young
Title: The Living Room Sessions

The Living Room Sessions features 10 original compositions split between Minneapolis saxophonist Aaron Hedenstrom and Louisville pianist Gabe Evens, ranging stylistically from feel-good swing to tuneful contemporary compositions and lush ballads. The compositions highlight the dynamic group interplay and energetic spirit of each member of the band, striking a balance between intricate arrangements and open-ended solo sections The sound of the album is that of modern jazz with vintage character. "The concept was that we would record in a comfortable setting and just feel free to play. That sense of freedom is present within the music," says saxophonist Aaron Hedenstrom. "I was inspired to write music that had strong melodies, rich harmonic sounds, and lots of soul." "Humble Lion", "Take Your Time", and "A Peace Beyond Words" contain melodies with soul and feeling, while "Blues For No Reason" asserts a brash sense of humor. "My contributions to this album are a collection of songs that I felt would fit the personalities of the band members. I gave each musician plenty of space to put their own stamp on the music," says Hedenstrom. Pianist Gabe Evens composed a 5-movement suite for the album which takes the listener on a journey inspired by his daughter. "My Routine Suite follows the daily activities of my three-year-old daughter. The day starts with the "Dawn Routine" when her eyes crack open and she gets started with her day. "Jamming Routine" is a high-energy samba written over the chord changes to "All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm" and symbolizes high energy play throughout the day. "Bath Time Routine" encapsulates this fun and sometimes raucous splash time. After bath, we wind down with "Starlight Routine", a mellow, lyrical piece. Finally, "Dream Routine" is a nice-feeling, but unpredictable blues assumes activity happening behind closed eyes as her steady breathing brings on a deep sleep." The album feels like a window into a live jam session where four dedicated musicians explore a challenging but rewarding collections of moods and styles. The quartet combines modern jazz sensibilities with a deep reverence for classic jazz and leaves the listener with a tasteful and deep listening experience.

1.1 Humble Lion
1.2 Waves Are All Around Us
1.3 Take Your Time
1.4 Blues for No Reason
1.5 A Peace Beyond Words
1.6 Dawn Routine
1.7 Jamming Routine
1.8 Bath Time Routine
1.9 Starlight Routine
1.10 Dream Routine

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