Heidi Spear E

Heidi Spear E: Universe: Guided Meditation & Deep Relaxation

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Artist: Heidi Spear E

Artist: Heidi Spear E
Title: Universe: Guided Meditation & Deep Relaxation

In life, we can feel as though there's not enough time to relax, that we have so many obligations and so much stress. What if it were true that even in this very full, hi-speed life brimming with choices, you could feel spacious, happy, calm, and hopeful? What if you could shift your experience by spending some time each day in guided meditation? The universe exists in a flow of harmony, and each of us plays a part in the symphony. When the body rests, the breath becomes steady, and mind quiets, then the heart clearly reveals your next part in the melodic score. Meditate with me, and relax into your place among the stars of the universe. Heidi E. Spear, MA, is a Kripalu-Certified Yoga Teacher, R&R Faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and Relaxation Specialist and Meditation Coach for those dealing with the effects of chronic stress. As a workshop leader, teacher, and author, she has provided tools for deep relaxation and healing to thousands of tender hearts. Her books: The Everything Guide to Ayurveda, The Everything Guide to Chakra Healing, and 5-Minute Mindfulness: Simple Daily Shortcuts to Transform Your Life can be ordered online and in bookstores near you. Deep gratitude to Scott Spear and Rob Hoffman for composing the music, Shaun Laframboise at Thomas Island Studio for recording, and the support of so many to make this happen. Exuberant thanks to Sarah Phares for her graphic design expertise, my dear friends, family, and the special people in my life I call 'teacher.' copyright 2013 Heidi E. Spear.

1.1 Introduction: Who You Truly Are
1.2 Morning Meditation: A Daily Foundation
1.3 Evening Meditation: Letting Go of the Day
1.4 Deep Relaxation: The Universe Within

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