Heiskell: Soundtrack for An Aneurism

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Artist: Heiskell

Artist: Heiskell
Title: Soundtrack for An Aneurism

Former lead singer of the Judybats, Jeff Heiskell fronts a new group which dishes out dreamy pop gems. Contemplative and, by turns, haunting, this collection of songs, produced by former Superdrag drummer, Don Coffey, captures the glittering, shiney side of sadcore. Knoxville, Tennessee's, Judybats were staples on early to mid-nineties college radio. During the groups four CD contract with Sire/Warner Bros. They toured nationally, strongest followings being Baltimore, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and the Chicago area. Strong play on college radio yielded the Top Ten hit 'Being Simple' whose video was in regular rotation for several months on MTV. Not being a fan of the corporate business that is music, the Judybats was dissolved in 1995. Following was an independent release under the name Doubters Club: Fleur De Lisa. Jeff Heiskell returns with an engaging self-titled debut. A self-described 'existential gay redneck' and 'reluctant buddhist', he muses on sexual reawakening, gas huffers, little boys growing up to become drag queens, and, of course, what he does best: relationships on the dissolve. Included is a smashing rendition of Lindsey Buckingham's 'Trouble'. Swooning guitars, sensual first-take vocals, irridescent guitars, and intellectual savvy make 'Soundtrack for an Aneurism' a welcome slow burn experience which is a dark delight from inviting beginning to elusive end.

1.1 Your Touch
1.2 Gasoline
1.3 Death of Knoxville Cool
1.4 Love Again
1.5 Beneath the Garden
1.6 Tiny Boxes
1.7 Trouble
1.8 Like a Vampire
1.9 Farewell, Green Eyes
1.10 Ha Ha Jingle
1.11 Phaelon (Who's Sorry Now?)
1.12 Smile

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