Helado Negro & the Smile Band

Helado Negro & the Smile Band: Live At Kcrw

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Artist: Helado Negro & the Smile Band
Title: Live At Kcrw
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. As Helado Negro and the Smile Band, Roberto Carlos Lange and his faithful music-making companions recreate the sounds of This Is How You Smile for Live at KCRW, a recording of the ensemble's inspired performance on Jason Bentley's Morning Becomes Eclectic. In this living offering, six songs from Helado Negro's most recent and widely embraced album are encouraged to a global sound stage from the intimacy of Lange's studio embrace, swaddled in the comfortable delight of accomplished musicianship and amiable collaboration. Live At KCRW serenades like a surreal sonnet in a morning dream, or an impromptu family singalong on a sunset road trip.

1.1 Running
1.2 Two Lucky
1.3 Pais Nublado
1.4 Language of Happening
1.5 Please Won't Please
1.6 Imagining What to Do
1.7 Sabana de Luz
1.8 Los Angeles Early Morning

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