Helios Creed

Helios Creed: Planet X

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Helios Creed

Title: Planet X
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Chrome guitarist Helios Creed's 8th studio album. An acid and effects drenched affair that is almost unparralled in the annals of so called "trip music," "Planet X" features Helios' AM radio vocals mixed with over the top guitar and pummeling drumming of Paul Della Pelle (Ruin, Nik Turner's Space Ritual). A psychedelic tug of war between mind and body.

1.1 Tele-Vision
1.2 Fire in the Head
1.3 Dog Star
1.4 Kurt Zombie
1.5 Waves
1.6 First Encounter
1.7 Plato's Cave
1.8 Won't Kill Myself
1.9 Next Encounter
1.10 The Ascent

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