Helloween: Gambling With The Devil

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Helloween

Title: Gambling With The Devil
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

Helloween - With The Devil (CD) Description: Nuclear Blast is excited to re-issue two of Helloween's classic albums on May 3! The legendary double-album "Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy" (2005), including the singles 'Mrs. God' and 'Light The Universe' feat. Candice Night, and the album "Gambling With The Devil" (2007) including the singles 'As Long As I Fall' and 'Find My Freedom'.

1.1 Crack the Riddle
1.2 Kill It
1.3 The Saints
1.4 As Long As I Fall
1.5 Paint a New World
1.6 Final Fortune
1.7 The Bells of the 7 Hells
1.8 Fallen to Pieces
1.9 I.M.E
1.10 Can Do It
1.11 Dreambound
1.12 Heaven Tells No Lies
1.13 Find My Freedom
1.14 We Unite
1.15 See the Night
1.16 Never Surrender

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