Hellyeah: Hellyeah : Blood for Blood

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Artist: Hellyeah

Artist: Hellyeah
Title: Hellyeah : Blood for Blood

BLOOD FOR BLOOD is the album that Hellyeah - featuring Mudvayne's Chad Gray on vocals, Pantera's Vinnie Paul on drums and Nothingface's Tom Maxwell on guitar - has always wanted to make. 'It's a defining record for Hellyeah and for anyone on the fence,' Paul declared, describing the record as 'focused and with a clear direction.' After roughly eight years, three albums, countless tours as headliners and as participants on 'can't miss' festival bills and hundreds of thousands of albums sold, Hellyeah is making their biggest and boldest statement yet with BLOOD FOR BLOOD. They are going for the jugular and every song on the album clamps down and doesn't let go. They've exchanged some of the party-centric, good time sounds of past efforts for pure metallic fury and emotional introspection. The album sounds like a re-charged Hellyeah, taken up many notches. The band opted to work with an outside producer for the first time ever, recruiting Las Vegas-based Canadian producer, Kevin Churko for the job. 'To move forward, you have to make changes,' said Paul, who wrote the music in Texas with Maxwell before heading to Hideout Recording Studio in Sin City to put it to tape.

1.1 Sangre Por Sangre [Blood for Blood]
1.2 Demons in the Dirt
1.3 Soul Killer
1.4 Moth
1.5 Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones)
1.6 DMF
1.7 Gift
1.8 Hush
1.9 Say When
1.10 Black December

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