Helm: Spice Box

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Artist: Helm

Artist: Helm
Title: Spice Box

All Helm titles are now on sale for the month of April, 2013 at cdBaby, both physical and album downloads! Spice Box is a colorful display of the rich musical traditions encountered along this spice road journey from Afghanistan to Morocco. Using solely acoustic instruments, Helm brings you the true flavor of these melodies and rhythms. Perfectly suited for both tribal and solo dance styles, this CD will add a touch of authenticity to your performance. Afghan, Persian, Turkish Roman, Andaluse, and pieces from the Muwashshahat traditions of Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco along with original compositions come together with a cohesive thread lacking in disjointed compilations. The vocal pieces are sung in the appropriate language for the area, instrumentation is as accurate as possible. The artistic input of Carolena Nericcio and FatChanceBellyDance was invaluable in keeping the arrangements dancer friendly. Whether you enjoy listening to great music or are searching for dance pieces that will both inspire rich textures and flavors and fill the craving left by samples, electronica and synthesizers, Spice Box is Export Quality. About Helm: The vision of Helm has always been to play acoustic music reflective of the traditions of the Middle East through classical, folkloric, and original compositions. Spice Box contains real music played by musicians who have spent years refining their craft on the ethnic instruments from this part of the world. Grammy award winning percussionist Mark Bell, Ling Shien Bell, Larry Klein, David Glazier, and Pat Bogel with guest performances by Bismillah on Afghan tablas, Corwin Bell on violin for the Turkish Roman, Rayna Bell on vocals, and Jay Doane playing viola on the Algerian Inciraf. Recorded and mixed at Little Buddha Studios in San Rafael, CA by John A, mastered by Paul Stubblebine, the CD is 60 minutes in length.

1.1 Rain Song
1.2 Beto Baharon
1.3 Chaharmezrab
1.4 Nihavent Oyun Havasi
1.5 Hicaz Oyun Havasi
1.6 La-Shir Be-Kol Arev
1.7 Ya Shadil El Han
1.8 Sella Fina
1.9 Saidi Roah
1.10 Hati Kass El Rah
1.11 Dayate Maali
1.12 Maqsoum Musings
1.13 Inciraf ; Khlas
1.14 LI Youm Lilt L'khmiss
1.15 Shamulu
1.16 Ishwini Fik

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