Henhouse Prowlers

Henhouse Prowlers: Verses Chapters & Rhymes

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Artist: Henhouse Prowlers
Title: Verses Chapters & Rhymes

Chicago. A city known for it's blues... and it's bluegrass. In the bluegrass history books, a pivotal stop, among others, along the road to success for the Monroe Brothers and, in more current times, noteworthy as home base for the long popular Special Consensus. And now, the Windy City serves as a critical intersection in the lives of five musicians, two who hail from Illinois and the others from as far and near as North Carolina, upstate New York and Missouri. With a PBS series soundtrack already to their credit and now presenting their third album, the Henhouse Prowlers have been barnstorming the red hot bluegrass scene since 2004. In 2007, the roughly thirty-something quartet made the commitment to go the distance, to be a full-time touring bluegrass band. But not just another bluegrass band. The Henhouse Prowlers positioned themselves for nothing less than success. Each member does double duty within the group, holding a business as well as musical post, making it a total collaborative effort. Dedicated equally to tradition and innovation, the Henhouse Prowlers center their sound on that of the early, formative years of bluegrass, while they keep their pulse on today by covering contemporary topics in a largely original repertoire. The Henhouse Prowlers wear the Bill Monroe mantle with spit and Polish. They perform-and conduct media interviews-in suit-and-tie and work in a tightly choreographed, one-mic stage setting, which adds a dynamic dimension to their shows. Combining passion, confidence and flair with instrumental and vocal prowess, the Prowlers deliver bluegrass with an edge. Their eclectic musical backgrounds were the perfect fit when called upon by NBC Today Show features correspondent Mike Leonard to compose the soundtrack for his PBS documentary series. Based on the best-selling book, The Ride Of Our Lives follows Leonard's family on a cross-country motor home trip with the backdrop of tradition-inspired music composed and performed (off-camera) by Henhouse Prowlers. In September 2009, Henhouse Prowlers debuted a new CD, A Dark Rumor, which is ninety percent original material. At the production helm were banjo great Greg Cahill of Special Consensus and mandolin legend Don Stiernberg. Now, under the wing of Grammy-award winning resophonic guitar great and master of production Sally Van Meter, the Prowlers present their third offering to the bluegrass canon- Verses, Chapters, and Rhymes.

1.1 Don't Even Say Goodbye
1.2 Unsteady Footing
1.3 Mourning Dove
1.4 Doin' Alright
1.5 Green
1.6 I Know How It Feels
1.7 Take Me Back to You
1.8 Prisoner of War
1.9 Up and Down the Mountain
1.10 Cumberland Blues
1.11 Tres Piños Sky
1.12 Don't Always Get What You Wanted
1.13 Northwest Passage

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