Henrique Cazes Et Marcello Gonzalves

Henrique Cazes Et Marcello Gonzalves: Pixinguinha de Poche

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Artist: Henrique Cazes Et Marcello Gonzalves
Title: Pixinguinha de Poche

Where and how can one recreate the world of one of the greatest masters of Choro without depriving nor betraying it? Minimalist arrangements, going right to the essential and which erase nothing from the richness of the original compositions ...

1.1 Proezas de Solon
1.2 Segura Ele
1.3 Sensivel
1.4 Passatempo
1.5 Paciente
1.6 Os Dois Se Gostam
1.7 Ingênuo
1.8 Devagar E Sempre
1.9 Tapa Buraco
1.10 Cochichando
1.11 Os Oito Batutas
1.12 Gloria
1.13 Um a Zero

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