Henry Lai: Stool Pigeon Ost

Henry Lai: Stool Pigeon Ost
Title: Stool Pigeon Ost
Label: CD Baby

The energetic driven, rock infused and pulsating soundtrack to the Hong Kong mega blockbuster film ' Stool Pigeon '; composed by Hong Kong composer Henry Lai, who also composed the OST for ' Three Kingdoms - Surrection Of The Dragon' .

1.1 Stool Pigeon - Titles
1.2 Police Raid
1.3 Pressure
1.4 Ghost JR
1.5 Car Race
1.6 Brother and Sister
1.7 Safehouse
1.8 Do It or Die
1.9 Betrayal
1.10 Shopping
1.11 Narrow Escape
1.12 Carjack
1.13 Grand Theft
1.14 Suicide
1.15 Gone South
1.16 I Am a Stool Pigeon
1.17 Caged Animal

Henry Lai: Stool Pigeon Ost

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