Henry Lai

Henry Lai: White Vengeance

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Artist: Henry Lai

Artist: Henry Lai
Title: White Vengeance

1.1 White Vengeance
1.2 Liu Bang's Army
1.3 Battle at the Jiang Men Gate
1.4 Yuji
1.5 Song for a Doomed Dynasty
1.6 Taking Xian Yang
1.7 Zhang Liang
1.8 Han Xin
1.9 The Assassination
1.10 Entering Hung Men Palace
1.11 Facing Xiang Yu
1.12 Fan Zeng
1.13 Five Games of Go
1.14 The Clash of Chu and Han
1.15 Elegy of a Counsellor
1.16 Howl of the Mighty Wind
1.17 Song for a Doomed Dynasty
1.18 When Snow Falls Upon the City of Wu
1.19 The Dance of Liu Bang
1.20 The Death of Fan Kuai
1.21 We Will Never Be Apart Again

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