Henry Lebedinsky

Henry Lebedinsky: Earl's Chair

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Title: Earl's Chair
Label: CD Baby

Michael Albert and Henry Lebedinsky have been performing together since 1996, when they met in Maine while pursuing careers as classical musicians, Michael as an oboist, violinist, and countertenor, Henry as a harpsichordist and organist. Their common love for Celtic music from a variety of traditions brought them to Boston, where they helped found the North Shore-based band The Beggar Boys in 2001. Michael and Henry's original tunes pay tribute to their New England roots as well as the many threads of Celtic music that weave in and out of their lives. They round out their debut album with some of their favorite traditional tunes and some by Celtic greats Martin Wynne and Jerry Holland.

1.1 Martin Wynne's #1 - the Greeting of Friends - Martin Wynne's #2 - Earl'
1.2 The Sharing of Port - the Doolin Banjo's Hornpipe
1.3 Andy de Jarlis - the Better Man - the Swaggering Jig
1.4 The Melancholy - Lightfoot - John Joe Casey's
1.5 Gladys Maryott's
1.6 Liz Power - the White Petticoat - Timmy Clifford's
1.7 Brenda Stubbert's - Iggy and Squiggy
1.8 Crescent Blue - Dune Grass - Salute to Hops
1.9 Blackberry and Beech - Crane Beach
1.10 Farewell to the Trader - Miss Kate Minogue - Would You Like to Hear a S
1.11 Wolfe's Neck - Reel Des Acadiens

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