Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas: Texas Worried Blues

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Artist: Henry Thomas

Artist: Henry Thomas
Title: Texas Worried Blues

1.1 Fishing Blues
1.2 Old Country Stomp
1.3 Charmin' Betsy
1.4 Lovin' Babe
1.5 Railroadin' Some
1.6 Don't Leave Me Here
1.7 The Little Red Caboose
1.8 Bob McKinney
1.9 Honey, Won't You Allow Me One More Chance?
1.10 Run, Mollie, Run
1.11 Shanty Blues
1.12 Woodhouse Blues
1.13 John Henry
1.14 Cottonfield Blues
1.15 Arkansas
1.16 The Fox and the Hounds
1.17 Red River Blues
1.18 Jonah in the Wilderness
1.19 When the Train Comes Along
1.20 Bull Doze Blues
1.21 Don't Ease Me in
1.22 Texas Easy Street
1.23 Texas Worried Blues

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