Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover: Autobiography of: Herbert Hoover Living & Learnin

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Artist: Herbert Hoover

Artist: Herbert Hoover
Title: Autobiography of: Herbert Hoover Living & Learnin

This album is my autobiography living and learning the good and bad experiences of life, it is about my spiritual growth in the Most High's word and what He has brought me from and taken me out of. This album is about a resurrection, a new birth, born again, if you will to a new lease on life, about my soul purpose in life period. "As I smile" is a song that I can listen to and say I made it and I'm still standing through it all and no matter what it all "was" (drugs, imprisonment, loss of love ones etc.). "Only God I trust" is another song to keep me in remembrance to know that no matter what I'm going through at any given time, I know that God, my Father in Heaven has my back to the death of me, as long as I stand up in truth, according to His way of L.I.F.E. The poem "I will die for what I believe in" is the pivotal breaking point of the whole entire album to me. This is the direction that I want all my future writings to gear towards... so if you will please sit back and buckle up and enjoy this spiritual ride. Everybody has a purpose in life! And my purpose is to tell what most religious intuitions will not tell the people any format that is given by spiritual inspiration. In times to come, I pray for prophecies to advocate to the people and the repo cautions of iniquity for the path that at one time or another that we all have falling off.

1.1 As I Smile
1.2 Only God I Trust
1.3 If I Didn't Have God
1.4 She Can
1.5 Put Him First
1.6 2 Da Streets
1.7 Who Love's Jesus
1.8 I Will Die for What I Believe in
1.9 Free

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