Hexer: Cosmic Doom Ritual

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Artist: Hexer

Artist: Hexer
Title: Cosmic Doom Ritual
Product Type: CASSETTES

Cassette version. Three tracks and 34-minutes of cosmic doom metal was just what the doctor ordered. Hexer's surprisingly tactful use of melody, nuance, and feel, drifts beneath cataclysmic slabs of sludge and doom, creating an intriguing sonic landscape that retains the listener's interest for the majority of the album. Hexer is a four-piece outfit from Germany, combining doom and black metal with oriental tunes, repetitive riffs, drone, and atmospheric soundscapes. Their debut album Cosmic Doom Ritual, tells the story of a cosmic journey through deepest blackness, being devoured by a giant sea creature and the discovery of a surreal place, mixing mythological elements with sci-fi. Low-tuned strings and heavy sub-bass, provided by an analog synth, create a meditative yet ominous atmosphere. Hexer is a band that oozes atmosphere and immersion. Long live cosmic doom. RIYL: Darkspace, Mare Cognitum, Midnight Odyssey.

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