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Hi Tide: Hi Tide 4

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hi Tide

Title: Hi Tide 4
Label: CD Baby

Cayman's own Hi Tide has just released their 10th CD. "Hi Tide 4" showcases 15 original compositions, all colored by the band's unique island sound. Explaining the title, Sean Hennings, (acoustic guitar and drums), says, "This is the fourth CD we have done containing all our own songs. There are a lot of love songs and we focus on sending out positive messages." The album includes the song, "Get Warm," which the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism adopted for it's promotional campaign last winter. "The idea for the song was to bring people from all over the world into the warmth of the Cayman Islands," says lead vocalist and conga player Shane Allenger. "Reasons and Lies," the first single released off the album, "is not what the title suggests, says Allenger. "The song is about giving advice that you are not able to follow yourself. It's about searching for answers that you already know." To make the point, he recites a line: "Too many people are telling me so many reasons and lies and so many people are showing me what they themselves can't disguise." The men collaborate on composing the songs, both music and lyrics. "The secret to what we do," Allenger says, "is that no matter what it is, we share the responsibility." Their musical roots are melodically manifested in their original tracks. "All of our songs have an island flavor in their own way. What Sean and I consider rock, pop, R&B, all have the essence of where we're from," Allenger says. On their latest album, Hennings points to one particular composition, "Everytime," that holds special meaning for him. "That was written for my youngest son when he was born, about how he made me feel. The hook is 'You make me smile every time.' I feel this album is our best work so far." Allenger then enthusiastically jumps in with, "But we are looking forward to our next one, too. We've already started it." The two, who are cousins, clearly enjoy working and hanging out together, joined by their love of music. "We always aim to produce original music and share it with everyone," Hennings says, as his partner elaborates: "Our music is a kaleidoscope of many different colors of music that has our sound. It is heartfelt music, born from the spirit of Cayman, and the best is yet to come."

1.1 Something Wonderful
1.2 Reasons and Lies
1.3 Wait
1.4 Everytime
1.5 Groovin' on
1.6 Better Than That
1.7 Stuck in the Middle
1.8 I'll Go Home
1.9 In My Heaven
1.10 Get Warm
1.11 Without You
1.12 So Cold
1.13 Divine Design
1.14 For Me My Friend
1.15 Bed of Roses

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