Marv Ashby

Marv Ashby: Morgan County

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Artist: Marv Ashby

Artist: Marv Ashby
Title: Morgan County

Morgan County - home of rural heart & soul From the West Virginia Panhandle comes that hard-driving 'no holds barred' bluegrass music courtesy of Marv Ashby and the High Octane band. Marv is joined by some the region's finest entertainers delivering a quality CD project. High Octane features Marv's aggressive flatpicking style and straight-ahead vocal arrangements. 'Beardie' powers the low end with percussive doghouse bass and brings to this project his traditional bluegrass vocal styling. Robbie Benzing rolls through the tunes with spot-on First Generation bluegrass drive and enthusiasm. John Dively, Jr provides his signature stellar tenor vocals. 'Morgan County' is High Octane's third CD release. Keeping with it's traditional genre, the band steeps the project with vocal and instrumental styling reminiscent of bluegrass times past. High Octane is formed from a musical core comprised of guitar, banjo, and bass fiddle. Simple lead vocals with one-part harmony 'icing' completes the band's old-time brand. Marv Ashby & High Octane are veteran performers of the bluegrass circuit. High Octane can be found at shows throughout the US East and Midwest. Festivals, music halls, radio shows, and countless honky-tonks have hosted the fellers as they spread their roots bluegrass message. A well rounded product of good ole roots bluegrass! Ten tunes aimed to please. It's good for ya! "A must-see band with refreshing energy and quality entertainment." "Good pickin' and singin' - lively tunes aimed to please!"

1.1 Think of What You've Done
1.2 Remington Ride
1.3 Sittin' on Top of the World
1.4 Blue Moon of Kentucky
1.5 Banjo Signal
1.6 Little Cabin Home on the Hill
1.7 Ole Slew Foot
1.8 Girl from West Virginia
1.9 Sledd Ridin'
1.10 Leavin'

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