Higher Power

Higher Power: Soul Structure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Higher Power

Title: Soul Structure
Label: Flatspot

Bursting with old-school NYHC groove and West Coast crossover, Higher Power's Soul Structure LP is about positive expression of aggression and a form of escapology. It is angry music but lyrically they convey a lot about themselves as people. It's about finding a positive outlet for their anger, whether it's social issues or mental health, it's adding a social consciousness and depth to what traditionally is quite a one-dimensional genre of music. The album was recorded by Misha Hering at Holy Mountain, with vocals recorded by James Atkinson at Mutiny Studios. The album was mixed by Arthur Rizk at Salomons Gate (POWER TRIP, MIZERY, WAR HUNGRY) and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST), and features artwork by Sam Bailey.

1.1 Can't Relate
1.2 Looking Inward
1.3 Balance
1.4 Hole
1.5 Four Walls Black
1.6 Between Concrete ; Sky
1.7 Burning
1.8 Embrace
1.9 Reflect
1.10 You Ain't Much

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