Highland Brothers Band

Highland Brothers Band: Peasants Creed

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Title: Peasants Creed
Label: CD Baby

If you like Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, Phillip Phillips, Dave Matthews, and NEEDTOBREATHE, you are really going to enjoy The Highland Brothers Band! With the release of their self produced 2nd album "Peasant's Creed" The Highland Brothers Band merges onto the musical fast lane with songs that not only make you sit up and listen, but often reach deep down within your heart to your soul. Touching on themes such as: "a life passing by too quickly" (1983, Time, Like We Were Young); to ideas on "Love, dreams, and never giving up" (Hey You, Faith, Eve, Someday, Paint); to expressions of a "social conscious" (The Taker, Peasant's Creed, Paint it Red, 15 Dollar, The King). "Peasant's Creed" delivers beautifully on the concept that the Highland Brothers Band not only wants you to be fully entertained, but hopefully compelled to morally relevant action. Because we, the common everyday working class person, are all in this together! 'Tis a Peasant's Creed! Dubbed by a longtime friend as "Passion and Precision," Justin Highland puts on display his rugged, roughneck vocals alongside his poignant, poetic lyrics, while David Highland interweaves his soulful yet subtle leads along the musical backdrop producing a serious, solid second voice against his brother's vocals. Guitarist Vit Debacco, adds tremendous color and feeling as he produces soulful, haunting sounds intermingling the slide guitar and Dobro as well as the full rich sound of the 12 string guitar. Three main guitars allow the Highland Brothers Band the opportunity to create the full acoustic sound in which they have always aspired. The bottom end is still carried ever so expressively by bassist Terry Penrod, while the driving force and energy of the band is harnessed by drummer L.D. Williams.

1.1 Hey You
1.2 Peasant's Creed
1.3 Time
1.4 Paint It Red
1.5 To the Moon
1.6 Eve
1.7 Record Machine
1.8 Like We Were Young
1.9 1983
1.10 The King
1.11 The Taker
1.12 Faith
1.13 Lucidity
1.14 Paint
1.15 15 Dollar
1.16 Are You Different
1.17 Someday

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