Highlord: Death of the Artists

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Artist: Highlord

Artist: Highlord
Title: Death of the Artists

It's now time to talk about 'The Death Of The Artists', Higlord's sixth brand-new album, a stunning mix of powerful guitars, fast drum beats and great melodies in the vein of Labyrynth, Vision Divine, Eldritch and DGM. 9 new tracks ready to blow your mind! The Japanese version of the album will also include 2 bonus tracks, a cover version of Billy Idol's 'rebel Yell' and, as it is now usual for a band which has always attracted large followings in the Far East, a new version of 'Zankokuna Tenshi No Teeze', song originally included in the anime-movie 'Evangelion. Stay tuned!

1.1 Simple Man
1.2 Every Thrash of Me
1.3 Canticle of the Flesh
1.4 It Takes Some Passion
1.5 The Death of the Artists
1.6 Dance in a Flame
1.7 The Scream
1.8 Slave to Darkness (Cursed By Love)
1.9 A Queen in My Pocket

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