Hiiragi Fukuda

Hiiragi Fukuda: Seacide

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Artist: Hiiragi Fukuda

Artist: Hiiragi Fukuda
Title: Seacide
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing of this 2015 release. Hiiragi Fukuda turned a lot of "heads" with his 2013 album My Turntable Is Slow. Seacide is Fukuda's first foray into synthesizer music. Originally released as a criminally limited cassette on Sloow Tapes, Seacide is entirely instrumental and improvised, with it's hypnotic drones and pulses echoing out of his practice amplifier and carving out sonic territory akin to NY pioneers Suicide as well as UK Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle.

1.1 316L
1.2 Trochos
1.3 Sharpener
1.4 Seashells
1.5 Breeze

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