Hikariyama Torao?

Hikariyama Torao?: Hikariyama Torao: Akai

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Title: Hikariyama Torao: Akai
Label: CD Baby

Stage name: Hikariyama Torao Birth name: Tevita Apina Birthday: January 03, 1996 Ethnic Background: Tongan, Italian, Puerto Rican Tevita Apina was raised by his grandmother (Catherine 'Apina' Correa) since birth. He started getting interested in Enka music when he was four years old after he watched Abarenbo Shogun on KIKU tv, when he seen Kitajima Saburo sing. That same year he also watch NHK's Kouhaku Utagassen for the first time and got to see other Enka singers, such as Sakamoto Fuyumi and Ishikawa Sayuri. He fell in love with the emotion that Enka singers put into their songs. When he was in the sixth grade, Tevita performed in his school talent show and sang Kaneda Tatsue's Kaze no Oiwake Minato Machi. A Teacher named Amy Katsumoto seen him and decided to take him to her Minyo (classical Japanese) music class; the Harada Naoyuki Minyo-kai run by Nonaka Atsuko. He studied Minyo for a year and a half until he switched to Enka. Currently, Tevita takes music from Craig Shimizu. Over the years Tevita has accomplished so much. In 2012 after winning Kzoo Radio's Taikai Tevita took the stage name: Hikariyama Torao meaning Shining Mountain Tiger.

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