Hilde Hefte: Short Stories

Hilde Hefte: Short Stories
Title: Short Stories
Label: CD Baby

«The jazz-singer who manage to get the whole jazz-country to stop and listen.» These words came from one of the most respected jazz journalists in Norway when he wrote his review about Hilde Hefte's new album 'Short Stories. And he continued by saying: «Hilde Hefte's most important decision. The jazz singer Hilde Hefte said she had to do something new, and she has done so with bravour.» The album has received some outstanding reviews both in newspapers and jazz-magazines: Newspapers: Hefte goes in a different direction on brilliant solo-release *Out of this world beautiful. *On this album we are here listening to music where Hefte is showing us all her incredible musicality and musicianship, her originality and daring soul. If she falls she's falling from high heights, but she does not: The result is brilliant. *Brave woman. (...) A small minimalistic recording, but so very very big. It is of course not enough being brave if you want to receive 5 on the dice in this newspaper. But when one first take the challence Hilde Hefte is challenging her listeners to take on 'Short Stories', you will get more back than you ever thought you would receive. *In a brilliant and glittering way, she is exposing herself without any kind of musical safety-net. (...) and when her duo-partner Kapstad shows up as the pianist in «But Beautiful» and «You Leave Me Breathless», this is also happening with that type of authority which peels of everything that's not needed and leave the essential sound undisturbed. Musicians on Short Stories: Hilde Hefte: All vocals, piano, guitar, glockenspiel, metallophone, wind-shime. Sidsel Walstad: Harp. Egil Kapstad: Piano. John Pål Inderberg: Soprano-sax. Simen Hefte Endresen: Egg Harp arrangements: Egil Kapstad All other music-arrangements: Hilde Hefte More about Hilde: When Hilde Hefte released her first solo album in 1999 Down Beat wrote: "She's making waves on the Norwegian scene". Hilde Hefte is not a beginner. She has studied music at the highly respected Barratt-Dues Music Intitute with piano as her main instrument. She has also been playing guitar, alto saxophone and Bb clarinet. And she has studied acting at Nordic Institute for Scene and Studio. For one periode she was teacher at Vest-Agder Music Conservatorium. She has written lyrics and composed music for her own productions as well as for other musicians and singers. She has also composed and arranged music for theatre productions. Hilde is what they call the musicians musician and known as one of the leading jazz vocalists in Norway. She's released 6 solo albums to fantastic reviews. Her first CD was a tribute to Chet Baker, "'Round Chet's Midnight", and it was named the album of the year in Norway's largest jazz-magazine Jazznytt. Her second CD was a tribute to the fantastic pianist Bill Evans, "Playsong - the music of Bill Evans", and as well as her first CD, this became the album of the year in Norway. Hildes bossaHefte is her 3rd CD and is a tribute to the great Brazilian music style Bossa Nova, and the great bossa composers. The reviews have been wonderful - every newspapers in Norway gave this album dice-trow 5 and 6. This is her only album in her own language. Then she recorded what she called her memory album "On The Corner" before she went to Prague and recorded her latest album together with her band and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: "AN EVENING IN PRAGUE". This CD has been given some outstanding reviews in newspapers, magazines and on NRK (Norwegian Radio Broadcasting) TV and radio. She even did a 30 min. Radio-show in New York about this recording. Her main band on almost all these albums are the leading jazz musicians and composers in Norway and Sweden with: Egil Kapstad piano (NO), Bjørn Alterhaug double bass (NO), Eyvind Wahlen drums (NO), Nisse Sandström tenor sax (SE), Jan Allan trumpet (SE). For her work Hilde Hefte has received various grant and prizes.

1.1 Mercy Street
1.2 O Tysta Ensamhet/Visan FRÅN Utanmyra
1.3 My Bells
1.4 O Pato
1.5 But Beautiful
1.6 My Romance
1.7 In Germany Before the War
1.8 Danny's All-Star Joint
1.9 White Night
1.10 You Leave Me Breathless
1.11 Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa
1.12 Fløtervise

Hilde Hefte: Short Stories

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