Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship: Take Heart (Again)

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Title: Take Heart (Again)

2020 release. Take Heart (Again) is a timely project. All three expressions of Hillsong Church (Worship/United/Young & Free) came together to prayerfully craft an offering of songs, God's unrivalled Lordship, His surpassing peace, the stillness of His presence and the hope Jesus offers. The songs are reminders of times where the power of God has moved mightily and will again. The project title encapsulates the intended purpose: take heart, pray and surrender (again). Features "Hosanna" and "Broken Vessels".

1.1 Hosanna
1.2 For Those Who Are To Come
1.3 New Wine
1.4 Heart Of God
1.5 I Surrender
1.6 Selah / All My Life
1.7 Take Heart (MMXX)
1.8 Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) / Life
1.9 Who You Say I Am
1.10 Highs ; Lows
1.11 Eagle's Wings
1.12 Still / P E A C E

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