Hindemith / Aubier / Tysman

Hindemith / Aubier / Tysman: Five Brass Sonatas

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Artist: Hindemith / Aubier / Tysman
Title: Five Brass Sonatas

Not only at the cutting edge of the Avant Garde, Paul Hindemith was also a violist, teacher, music theorist, conductor and multi-instrumentalist. At 38 years old, he would be caught up in history, with Hitler's rise to power in 1933. Hindemith suffered the wrath of the Nazi regime as being one of those composers of 'degenerate music.' His works disappeared from German musical life and were no longer sought out; his response was to fight with the only weapon he had: music. He composed his opera 'Mathis the Painter' between 1934 and 1935, and gave himself increasingly to his theoretical writings on music. But his side-lining and the silence imposed on his creation pushed him to exile himself: he left Germany for Switzerland in 1938. In 1940 he would leave Europe altogether in favor of the US, where he taught composition at Yale University. He returned to Europe at 53 years old, ten years before his death. During these years, we can see a near constant creation that lasts nearly twenty years: the composition of ten sonatas for piano and wind. This was a series valued by the composer for it's potential to enrich the repertoires of these instruments. Each one is a musical portrait and pushes the instrument to it's limits.

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