Hindsights: Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Hindsights

Title: Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes
Label: Beach Community
Product Type: VINYL LP

Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes is the result of six months of overnight writing sessions, fifteen hour days in the studio and trying to make sense of anxiety and depression. As vocalist / guitarist Benio Baumgart explains "These songs are what helped me come to terms with the chemical imbalance in my brain and the fact that it will be with me my whole life". The album was recorded over two weeks in June 2014 at HQ Studios in Manchester with Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Self Defense Family, Brawlers). Additional production and help with tracking the record came from Tom Richfield, credited in the recording of the Departures/Moose Blood split EP and also on Hang The Bastard's album.

1.1 Cold Walls
1.2 Pensive
1.3 See You Soon
1.4 Out Of My Skull
1.5 Colour, Blind
1.6 Daze
1.7 Waiting Room
1.8 Cloudy Eyes
1.9 Sore

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