Hiromi Suda

Hiromi Suda: Rain Dance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hiromi Suda

Title: Rain Dance
Label: CD Baby

Japanese folk inflections are woven with contemporary swing edges. Mini Album of Hiromi Suda's original compositions. Hiromi Suda : Vocal Anne Drummond : Flute Julian Shore : Piano Tatsuya Sakurai: Guitar Yasushi Nakamura : Bass Keita Ogawa : Drums,Percussion Hiromi Suda Vocalist/Composer who based in NY. Blessed with a pure, crystalline mountain lake voice, Hiromi Suda combines the classical qualities of intricate phrasing, and attention to emphasis and timing with a melodic and harmonic complexity that reminds of bossa nova. She won the World Scholarship and entered Berklee College of Music in 2005. There, Ms. Suda studied with many world renowned musicians including Jazz vocals with Ms. Lisa Thorson, Latin American music with Ms. Mili Bermejo and Brazilian music styles with Fernando Brandao. By 2007, Hiromi had developed a keen interest in Brazilian music and during the summer of 2007 she spent three months in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil further honing her skill with Brazilian music styles and instruments, such as the pandeiro. Her experience in Brazil was highly rewarding not only musically, but also gave a historical and cultural context to her passion for Brazilian music. During this period, Ms. Suda attended the Choro School called Escola Portatil de Musica. She studied the pandeiro with Celsinho Silva and Jorginho Silva and choro vocal style with the choro singer, Amelia Rabello and MPB vocal style with the Brazilian vocalist Suely Mesuqita. In the ensuing years, Hiromi Suda has magnificently woven her knowledge of Brazilian music to produce a singular and innovative sound recognized by critics as a serious contribution in vocal style and technique. Ms. Suda performed with the choro group Choro Democratico and the great flute player, Fernando Brandao, including concerts at the Brazilian 13th Independence Day Festival, Ryles Jazz Club, University of Massachusetts, among others. She performed with Clarice Assad group in NY including the concert at The stone. She also leads concerts with her own band in New York, New England and Japan. She released her debut album in 2008, which received many accolades and prompted a tour with world famous percussionist, Keita Ogawa. The album is receiving great radio support worldwide, including featured performances for several radios in Japan. In January 2012 she recorded her sophomore album, 'Sou' produced by the great Brazilian guitarist, Romero Lubambo and recorded at the famed Avatar studio in NY. The band members are Anne Drummond (Flute), Julian Shore (Piano), Keita Ogawa (Percussions/Drums),Yasushi Nakamura (Bass). "Sou" was released in August 2012 from Happiness Records. She did CD release tour in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Hitachi, Mito and Kofu). In New York, she did CD release concert at the Cornelia street cafe in October 2012. In August 2013, she released her mini album, "Rain Dance". This is the recordings of her original compositions. She had the CD release concert at Blue note NY. In 2013, she had CD release tour in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Hitachi, Hyogo and Kofu).

1.1 Rain Dance - Hiromi Suda
1.2 Mizu No Utsuwa - Hiromi Suda
1.3 Hikari to Kage - Hiromi Suda

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