Hiroshi Takasu: Thalberg Transcendental Opera Fantasies 2

Hiroshi Takasu: Thalberg Transcendental Opera Fantasies 2
Title: Thalberg Transcendental Opera Fantasies 2
Label: CD Baby

This is the second Thalberg album from Hiroshi Takasu, who established a reputation with his first album of works by that composer which was reviewed in various music magazines and classical music radio programs last year. The magic of Takasu is about to mesmerize you again.? The introduction of the very first track, 'La fille du régiment', is already intense. Is this really played live without any rehearsal? You can enjoy the marching-style 'Chacun le sait', of course, but you will be even more enchanted by the 'three-hand' effects he demonstrates in Marie's famous aria, 'Convien partir'. Takasu plays out the aria with magnificence like tumbling glittering shards of glass while maintaining a steady accompaniment.? The second track, 'La Straniera', is among the early works of Thalberg as indicated by it's opus number. The melody by Bellini who influenced even Chopin is sweet, and is given prominence by the beautiful clear timbres created by Takasu. His marvelous left hand playing is also worthy of attention, sounding like a harp while accompanying the melody played with his right hand, and sometimes resonant like a string's pizzicato.? The third track is 'Casta Diva', an excellent performance without a doubt. His playing is not only meticulous but in this famous aria from Bellini's grandiose Opera, 'Norma', in which a high priestess Norma appealed emotionally for love and peace, it sings out clearly and sonorously just like a first-rank opera singer. There was a moment of silence after the performance, which was followed by applause filling the hall. It is said there were even those who started sobbing.? The fourth track is 'Il barbiere di Siviglia'. He splendidly improvises this difficult tune from Thalberg's ripe years. Amazingly done live. As the tempos quicken from lento, maestoso, allegro and to presto, minor keys of sadness and anxiety are transformed to major keys of delight. Takasu never plays through an easy opening section casually. His playing is extraordinary.? The fifth track is Verdi's masterpiece, 'La Traviata', the only studio recording on this album. The introduction is ominous and pathetic, yet eccentric. Takasu's explosive octave playing is presented better than ever in 'Di Provenza, il mar, il suol'. Who on earth is playing the tremolo if he is playing this beautiful aria 'Addio del pasato'? If he plays the tremolo with just his right hand, then is he playing the aria with just his left? And the overwhelming 'Ah, fors'è lui che l'anima' reminds one of the impressive 'Mazeppa' of Liszt. In fact, this part accompanied with triads or four-note chords is far more difficult than 'Mazeppa' accompanied with merely two-note chords. His invincible technique is totally striking.? You cannot afford to miss the future perfomances of Takasu, the never waning wizard of the piano.

1.1 Fantaisie Sur "La Fille Du Regiment" de Donizetti Op.68
1.2 Fantaisie Sur "La Straniera" de Bellini Op.9
1.3 "Casta Diva" -Cavatina Di "Norma" Di Bellini Op.70
1.4 Grande Fantaisie Sur "Le Barbier de Seville" de Rossini Op.63
1.5 Fantaisie de Concert Sur "La Traviata" de Verdi Op.78

Hiroshi Takasu: Thalberg Transcendental Opera Fantasies 2

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