Hit: Saga Continues

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Artist: Hit

Artist: Hit
Title: Saga Continues

Hit Skrewface 'The Saga Continues' Real lyrics over hot beats!!! An absolute Classic!! Must Have!!!

1.1 The Saga Continues
1.2 Stunt Hard
1.3 Certified O. G
1.4 Hit ; Lil Kappy - Hit Feat. Lil Kappy
1.5 Everybody Else - Feat. Lil Kappy
1.6 Paper Baby - Hit Feat. Oola Da Boss
1.7 Get Dat Money
1.8 Big Bodies
1.9 Stay on Da Grind
1.10 This the Midwest
1.11 Check My Swag Out - Hit Feat. Tex, Nicky Scarfo, ; Roc Boi
1.12 Money Ain't a Thang
1.13 I Don't Give a Fuck - Hit Feat. Freddie Gibbs
1.14 Magnum Man
1.15 Trust Me - Hit Feat. Big John ; Onree
1.16 Y'all Don't Want It Wit Hit
1.17 Fuck Wit It - Hit Feat. Insanity

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