Ho / Canadian Children's Opera Company / Dunn

Ho / Canadian Children's Opera Company / Dunn: Monkiest King

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Product Type: CD

Title: Monkiest King
Label: Centrediscs

The Monkey King is the leading superhero in the 16th-century famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West." Over the centuries, the tale has become one of the most popular comic stories. It is about a mischievous yet determined mythological being who rises from humble origin to become a great protector of humanity. The present work was commissioned by the Canadian Children's Opera Company to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Canadian Children's Opera Company (formerly the Canadian Children's Opera Chorus, CCOC) is large choral group based in Toronto. The company consists of five divisions of approximately 240 boys and girls aged 6 to 19. The Principal Chorus has about 50 choristers, and they participate as the children's chorus in productions by the Canadian Opera Company (COC). The current music director is Teri Dunn.

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