Hobocop: Half Man Half Cop

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Artist: Hobocop

Artist: Hobocop
Title: Half Man Half Cop
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

HOBOCOP is the bastard love child of an alleged member of Shannon and the Clams (Jumbo Jack Flash) and the reclusive Long John Hobocop. "Half Man Half Cop" is their vinyl debut. It's ideal for addicts of slop, fuzz, weirdness and fungus. Like the SCREAMERS '78 demos blasted through a moldy boombox in a California flophouse, this splattering of sweet golden punk oldies is the perfect slice of slime for Slovenly to continue with our infrequently released large-hole 10" series.

1.1 Good News
1.2 I Was a Beautiful Hippy (Now My Furniture Is Moldy)
1.3 Fair Weather Scum
1.4 Ponzi Scheme
1.5 California Biodome
1.6 Togos Commerical
1.7 Stench of Death
1.8 Big Deal
1.9 Chump School
1.10 Little Green Bills
1.11 One Armed Bandit

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