Hole: Pretty On The Inside

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Artist: Hole

Artist: Hole
Title: Pretty On The Inside
Product Type: VINYL LP

Pretty On The Inside - Hole's debut album originally released by Caroline in 1991 was produced by Kim Gordon and Gumball front man Don Fleming. Pretty On The Inside was named album of the year by The Village Voice and the only single released, "Teenage Whore", entered the UK indie charts at number one. Graphic lyrics, distorted guitar riffs, screaming vocals, and messy punk ethics helped the album sell and established Courtney Love's cult status.

1.1 Teenage Whore 2:57
1.2 Babydoll 4:58
1.3 Garbadge Man 3:18
1.4 Sassy 1:43
1.5 Good Sister / Bad Sister 5:47
2.1 Mrs. Jones 5:25
2.2 Berry 2:45
2.3 Loaded 4:18
2.4 Starbelly 1:46
2.5 Pretty on the Inside 1:28
2.6 Clouds 3:58

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