Hollow & Akimbo

Hollow & Akimbo: Hollow & Akimbo

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Artist: Hollow & Akimbo

Artist: Hollow & Akimbo
Title: Hollow & Akimbo
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Electropop duo. From sullen and slow bridges to boisterous multi-layered choruses, all cut by shimmering guitars and head-bobbing rhythms, Hollow & Akimbo have honed in on a rare breed of dynamism all their own. Sharing a fascination with old tape machines and strange sounds and recording in basements, bedrooms, attics, and closets, they've amassed an evolving archive of musical snippets, song fragments and a fair share of noisy four-track experiments - a shining example of the type of refined and unique Electropop they are becoming known for.

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