Holocaust: Inside The Power Cage (Blood Red Vinyl)

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Artist: Holocaust

Artist: Holocaust
Title: Inside The Power Cage (Blood Red Vinyl)
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Smokin' Valves
1.2 Death or Glory
1.3 Come on Back
1.4 Mavrock
1.5 It Don't Matter to Me
1.6 Cryin' Shame
1.7 Heavy Metal Mania
1.8 Push It Around
1.9 The Nightcomers
2.1 Heavy Metal Mania
2.2 Love's Power
2.3 Only As Young As You Feel
2.4 Smokin' Valves
2.5 Friend or Foe
2.6 Out My Book
2.7 Coming Through
2.8 Don't Wanna Be (A Loser)
2.9 Good Thing Going

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