Honey for Your Soul

Honey for Your Soul: In His Everlasting Arms (A Peaceful Sleep Audio)

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Product Type: CD

Title: In His Everlasting Arms (A Peaceful Sleep Audio)
Label: CD Baby

Calming Christian audios to help sleep and relieve stress and anxiety. The effectiveness of music and words to help you sleep and to relieve anxiety and stress is well-documented. In our stressful world, insomnia, anxiety and hypertension are on the rise. Honey for Your Soul™ has combined God´s powerful Word, soothing worshipful music and encouraging words in audios designed to calm you, and to help you relax and sleep peacefully. This audio will inspire true hope, peace of mind and the joy that only the Lord Jesus Christ can offer. This Honey for Your Soul (TM) Peaceful Sleep audio will make sleepless nights a thing of the past, and bring you back to the days of healthy, natural sleep, by Incorporating calming background music that clocks in at 60 beats per minute, the average resting heart rate. Using a soothing, gentle voice, which recites encouraging, relaxing scripture verses to remind your resting mind how much God loves you. Integrating nature sounds like ocean waves to help quiet your mind Listen at bedtime and allow God's Word to usher you into a calming, restful night's sleep.

1.1 In His Everlasting Arms (A Peaceful Sleep Audio) - Honey for Your Soul

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