Hookfoot: Roaring

Hookfoot: Roaring
Title: Roaring
Label: Greyscale

Digitally remastered edition of this 1973 release. Hookfoot, created by Southampton based musicians vocalist Ian Duck, bassist Dave Glover and drummer Roger Pope, was virtually the side act to their day jobs as session musicians for Elton John. Hookfoot turned up en masse to supply the session music for solo artist John Kongas debut of the same year on Elektra Records as Quaye, Pope and Glover provided the backing. Guitarist Caleb Quaye appeared on numerous 70's Rock project.

1.1 Tradin' Riffs
1.2 Rockin' on the Road
1.3 Maybe Tomorrow
1.4 Surely Lost Our Way
1.5 In Many Ways (You're So Beautiful)
1.6 Three Days Out
1.7 Ridin' on a Thunderstorm
1.8 Take It Where You Want It
1.9 There's a Chance
1.10 Roll of Drums

Hookfoot: Roaring

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