Horace Whittaker: Walk Cross

Horace Whittaker: Walk Cross
Title: Walk Cross
Label: CD Baby

The lives and music of Horace Whittaker & The CROSS are reflective of our understanding of who GOD is and who we are in HIM. We believe in a Triune God-Head; The Father, Son and Holy Spirit who has always existed and created the entire universe. We believe mankind rebelled against GOD and so disconnected all humanity from GOD, our spiritual and physical life source. We believe that The Father manifested Himself in the person of Jesus The Christ to reconnect and restore mankind's relationship with The Father by faith in the life, ministry, atoning sacrifice and resurrection of The Messiah, Jesus the Christ. This understanding is represented by a vertical line { l } symbolizing GOD'S love for men and women and our love for HIM and all HE loves by HIS active commitment to our development and salvation. Furthermore, we believe the scriptures are the inspired word of GOD which promised the outpouring and indwelling of the Holy Spirit upon believers of Jesus Christ at Pentecost. Scripture declares that the Holy Spirit affirms in our being that we are children of GOD, endowed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to love GOD, our brothers and sisters as ourselves and to serve those oppressed in our world. This understanding is symbolically represented by a horizontal line { __ } symbolizing men and women's love for each other, all creation and our active commitment to one another's development and salvation. Together, these lines form a cross +. Vertically, God's love for and active commitment to humanity and horizontally men and women's love and active commitment to each other. The Cross can also be viewed as an intersection of decision, a place of prayerful consideration or even a confluence where beliefs and actions collide. We like to say, the cross is where life meets Christ. Encountering Christ helps us deal with the traffic of life. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Is there any real meaning for my life? These questions can provide avenues for seeking and finding the love of GOD, self and other's. Lastly, we believe the scripture's promise that Christ will return to establish GOD'S righteous governance on earth and in heaven for eternity.

1.1 Be Ready
1.2 Let Go, Let God
1.3 Somehow
1.4 Oh How I Love Jesus
1.5 Our King
1.6 True Victory
1.7 Good Enough for Me
1.8 Live in Me
1.9 Mourning, Morning
1.10 There's Nothing Like You
1.11 Freddie
1.12 It's Time
1.13 Peace on Earth
1.14 Greatest Gift

Horace Whittaker: Walk Cross

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