Horde of Torment

Horde of Torment: Distorted Recollections

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Product Type: CD

Title: Distorted Recollections
Label: Divebomb

For years fans have demanded it and Divebomb Records is finally delivering it. As part of it's ongoing Bootcamp Series, the label will issue Distorted Recollections, a compilation from late 80s underground thrash masters THE HORDE OF TORMENT. Almost two years in the making, Distorted Recollections collects the Las Vegas band's Product of a Sick Mind and Inherit the Sin demos, plus rare bonus tracks. If that weren't already enough, Divebomb Records is also including Infected, the 1987 demo the group recorded when they were still going by the name Pestilence.THE HORDE OF TORMENT had the songs, energy, and drive to succeed on a large scale, but despite all of the attention the band received from the heavy metal press of their era, they never locked down a record deal during their time together. In spite of this, fans have been trading the thrash crew's demos in the over two decades since they broke up.Distorted Recollections features new artwork by Steven Cobb based on the band's original vision for their Product of a Sick Mind demo tape. This has been a passion project for Divebomb Records and the label is honored to work with the band on it. It's about time a new army of metal listeners gets acquainted with the fury that was THE HORDE OF TORMENT and Distorted Recollections will make sure of that.Divebomb Records Bootcamp Series is unearthing lost sessions, unreleased albums and long forgotten demos by unsung heroes of this scene's past.These are cult bands for cult fans. Are you ready to join the army?

1.1 Liquidation
1.2 The Raven
1.3 Corruption
1.4 Final Solution
1.5 Product of a Sick Mind
1.6 Viral Malignance
1.7 As I Lay Dying
1.8 Blood Justice
1.9 Inherit the Sin
1.10 Alive Within
1.11 Pain Asylum
1.12 Incubus (Rehearsal Track - 1987)
1.13 Just Call Me Suicide
1.14 Tear Down the Walls
1.15 Incubus
1.16 Corruption
1.17 Final Solution

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