Hortlax Cobra

Hortlax Cobra: Lightworks

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Artist: Hortlax Cobra

Artist: Hortlax Cobra
Title: Lightworks
Product Type: VINYL LP

Hortlax Cobra is Peter Bjorn and John Johns Soloalias and on May 12 his third album "Lightworks" is released. Parallels have been drawn between his music and exhilarations from formerly ABBA, Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. He himself describes it as "slacker anthems" for burned out kids, with a sneaky and sunbreaking sound. The album also features Ane Brun, Beatrice Eli, Sibille Attar, Jennie Abrahamson and Noonie Bao.

1.1 I'm Still Here (Feat. And Brun)
1.2 Night Still Young (Feat. Jennie Abrahamson)
1.3 Light As a Feather (Feat. Beatrice Eli)
1.4 I'm Ready
1.5 As Far As My Eyes Could See (Feat. Noonie Bao)
1.6 Unfinished Melody (Feat. Jennie Abrahamson)
1.7 Bus Stop
1.8 Gimme the Headlights (Feat. Sibille Attar)

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