Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm: Die on Stage

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Artist: Hostage Calm

Artist: Hostage Calm
Title: Die on Stage
Product Type: VINYL LP

Hostage Calm confront the darker realities of a modern America as a means of survival. In 2010, the acclaimed Connecticut band funneled their heroes? protest energy into a hybrid of punk, pop and new wave, only to see hopes filtered out through the Great Recession on 2012's bruised Heartland rocker Please Remain Calm. Die on Stage celebrates the subsequent post-millennial fatalism with timeless grandeur. It's not a political statement but an honest portrait of growing up in America, embracing all that's fleeting while clutching what semblance of dreams remain for a generation future endeavored.

1.1 When You Know
1.2 A Thousand Miles Away from Here
1.3 Love Against!
1.4 Someone Else
1.5 Fallen Angel
1.6 Your Head / Your Heart
1.7 Raised
1.8 12/31
1.9 Darling You
1.10 Past Ideas of the Future

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