Hot Border Special

Hot Border Special: Hot Border Special

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Artist: Hot Border Special
Title: Hot Border Special
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Take a blisteringly energetic and danceable trip with London's Hot Border Special and their 2014 eponymously titled debut long player - There really isn't anything quite like it! With Influences ranging from Afrobeat to rock, highlife to funk, and even a hint towards samba, listening serves to affirm this LP is an uplifting and joyous audio mystery tour - marvelous surprises seem to be hiding around every corner. The musicianship is tight - raw, rootsy and percussion heavy rhythms underpin lush interwoven guitar melodies - and it's seriously rich, so rich in fact that you don't even notice the absence of a vocalist. The album takes you on an exhilarating ride of light and shade - up tempo bangers like 'El Frantico' and 'Hot Border Express' get the bodies moving, while the more dark and sinister tracks like 'Mulartoo Deetoo' and 'Wei Wu Wei' transport your soul to an Iboga style trance.

1.1 The Early Bird
1.2 Shockheaded Sweetheart
1.3 Mulartoo Deetoo
1.4 Patience Goes to Beimeni
1.5 El Frantico
1.6 Tibetan Space Rock
1.7 Montys Jaws
1.8 Wei Wu Wei
1.9 Give Tilly Some Yes
1.10 Hot Border Express

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