Hot Lips Page: Roll Roll Roll!

Hot Lips Page: Roll Roll Roll!
Title: Roll Roll Roll!
Label: El Toro

Beginning his promising rise to national fame in the late 1930s as a rival to that other trumpet-playing, gravel-voiced entertainer, Louis Armstrong, Hot Lips Page changed tack, jumping with both feet in the direction of the burgeoning R&B sound in the mid 1940s. It was a move that was sure to offend all the serious jazz music fans, but it would endear him to all the low-brow jump-blues lovers - both then and now! This CD celebrates those R&B years of the man who could have been King.

1.1 Last Call for Alcohol
1.2 They Raided the Joint
1.3 There Ain't No Flies on Me
1.4 Texas and Pacific
1.5 Walkin' in a Daze
1.6 Miss Larceny Blues
1.7 Roll, Roll, Roll
1.8 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
1.9 Jeety-Boat Joad
1.10 Florida Blues
1.11 Ashes on My Pillow
1.12 Open the Door, Richard!
1.13 Birmingham Boogie
1.14 I Want to Ride Like the Cowboys Do
1.15 Let Me in!
1.16 Strike While the Iron's Hot
1.17 The Jungle King
1.18 The Cadillac Song
1.19 Blow, Champ, Blow
1.20 Chocolate Candy Blues - Duet with Little Sylvia
1.21 The Hucklebuck - Duet with Pearl Bailey
1.22 Pacifying Blues - Duet with Little Sylvia
1.23 That's the One for Me - Duet with Mildred Anderson
1.24 Sharp Little Sister - Duet with Little Sylvia
1.25 Main Street
1.26 I've Got the Upper Hand
1.27 Moanin' Dan

Hot Lips Page: Roll Roll Roll!

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