Hour of 13

Hour of 13: Black Magick Rites

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hour of 13

Title: Black Magick Rites
Label: Shadow Kingdom

By now, Hour of 13 should require little introduction. For the better part of two decades, mainman Chad Davis has pursued a unique and intensely personal iteration of traditional doom metal. Along the way and over the course of three albums and numerous EPs, Hour of 13 have built a formidable discography that's amassed a fanatic following awaiting each spooky 'n' somber offering Davis and his rotating cast of cohorts creates. And while he's released records for a variety of labels over the years, in between a couple breakups, Davis brings Hour of 13 back to SHADOW KINGDOM, who released the band's self-titled debut album in 2007 long before the hype started.

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