Houston Person

Houston Person: Houston Person '75 / Get Out'a My Way

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Artist: Houston Person

Artist: Houston Person
Title: Houston Person '75 / Get Out'a My Way

Carolina-born Houston Person is a towering figure in the world of soulful Jazz. His albums for Prestige, Muse, Westbound and beyond have always been joyous affairs, filled with soul and aimed at those who like their Jazz with a beat. Until now the three albums which he recorded for the Detroit-based Westbound label and it's subsidiary Eastbound have never been reissued. This release pairs his second and third albums for them. Person made his name in Johnny 'Hammond' Smith's group between 1963 and 1966; in 1967 he signed as a band leader to Prestige, where his album GOODNESS was a hit. He moved to Eastbound in 1973 and when it closed moved to it's parent for the release of HOUSTON PERSON '75, the first album he produced himself. It is a raucous party with Person's sax lines playing over some tight funky arrangements; one track features Etta Jones. GET OUT'A MY WAY follows in the same vein, an excellent soulful Jazz album which suits Person's style. It also includes a version of the Isley Brothers' 'For the Love of You'. Featuring musical backing from the Westbound Gang and backing vocals by Honey, it is a fine addition to Person's catalog.

1.1 I Like to Live the Love
1.2 What It Is
1.3 Shotgun
1.4 Mayola
1.5 Gold in My Ear
1.6 500 Gin Rummy
1.7 Funky Sunday Afternoon
1.8 A Touch of Bad Stuff
1.9 All in Love Is Fair
1.10 He'll Fight My Battles - Feat. Etta Jones
1.11 Disco Sax
1.12 Soul Samba
1.13 Ain't Nothing But a Funky Song
1.14 My Way
1.15 For the Love of You
1.16 Forever in Love
1.17 Spread It
1.18 How Vicious

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